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In the present world, is it possible to combine values such as luxury, performance and sophistication with principles such as sustainability, responsibility and conscious consumption?

In 2008, entrepreneur Marcus Matta believed it was. So he took a pioneering stance by founding Prime Aviation – one of the first fractional ownership businesses in Brazil, paving the way to an intelligent and innovative way of owning luxury assets, in sync with our times, and which has been growing among various segments of society.

In 2011, when fractional ownership was starting to become a trend, the opportunity to expand the company's roster beyond aviation became reality through partnership and investment by Fundo Patrimonial Blue, a fund managed by Planner Corretora. Prime Aviation then became Prime Fraction Club, which then began to offer a greater variety of luxury assets.

Thus, in 2012, four lines of high-value products became available to clients: jets, helicopters, yachts and sports cars.

Personal, exclusive customer service, as well as the distinction of being the only company in the country to offer four lines of products and to give clients access to other shared assets are the factors that made Prime Fraction Club rise to the leading position in the market, becoming the sector's representative in the media.

In 2016, the Rio de Janeiro base of operations was inaugurated.

With the expertise it gained with shared assets, Prime started in 2017 to provide aircraft management as a service to individual owners.

In 2018, the year that marked Prime's 10-year anniversary, Spinelli Holding acquired 20% of its shares. A sum of those resources are now being allocated to an investment plan which will bring the expansion of infrastructure, humans resources, more technology, a larger fleet and new bases of operations (as well as the existing ones in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). Soon, new services will be provided, further broadening the company's operations.

One decade of pioneering, innovating and evolving. One decade of experience in leadership and excellence. A decade of growth that has made the Prime brand reach its most complete form yet: Prime You. A more comprehensive and modern company, but with the same close relationship with clients it's always had.

Prime You. The first, like you.

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