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Pioneering leadership and innovation. These are the words that summarize Prime You’s path toward becoming the largest fractional ownership company in South America. Likewise, they also serve as guiding principles for the continual pursuit for being the best. A quality built upon a day-by-day personal relationship with our clients, excellence in customer service and operations, staff training and infrastructure, logistics and security, and the creation of smart solutions aimed at optimizing investments and providing maximum convenience and unforgettable experiences.

An initiative set in motion by the entrepreneurial vision of Marcus Matta who, inspired by transformations in the US and European aviation industries, brought to Brazil a smarter way of acquiring high-added value assets, in sync with modern times, to which he found immediate adoption by clients who were open to innovative access models, without the need to sacrifice exclusivity.

Prime Aviation started in 2008 as the first fractional ownership company in Brazil, providing the acquisition of private jets and helicopters through quotas, striving for maximum asset management efficiency.

In 2011, as business grew, it drew substantial investments and Prime Aviation would eventually become Prime Fraction Club. In the following year, and once again breaking new grounds, its portfolio already included yachts and sports cars – the only company in the country to offer four asset categories.

Personalized and exclusive customer service as well as diversification allowed Prime Fraction Club to attain the status of leader in the market and, consequently, the role of industry spokesperson in the media, signaling industry trends and goals.

In 2016, it expanded into a new base of operations in Rio de Janeiro to work alongside the São Paulo headquarters. With the know-how acquired with fractional ownership assets, starting in 2017 the company also began providing single-owned aircraft management services. After a new investment round in 2018, the company was able to fund its plan for expansion of its human resources and technological infrastructure, as well as expansion of its fleet.

Celebrating a decade of continuous growth, the company then established itself under its new brand: Prime You.

In 2019, it expanded its Operational Control Center, ensuring a control system with even greater effectiveness and safety. It also launched the Prime Real Estate Duo (Home + Yacht), a worldwide unprecedented product in the fractional ownership market, which became an instant success with rapid acquisition of quotas, motivated new ventures and further solidified the company’s celebrated reputation.

In 2021, Prime You began operating air taxi services in order to cater to a new segment of clients as well as provide additional solutions to current quota holders. It also began construction of the company’s first fully incorporated Prime Real Estate Duo venture in Angra dos Reis – from plot acquisition to property customization.

In 2022, accelerated business growth called for an expansion of the company’s headquarters to a new address in Alphaville, São Paulo, a 1000+ m² helipad-equipped center of operations.

That same year, it became the first business to be certified by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) to act in the aircraft fractional ownership market. Early in 2023, Prime You also became the first company in the sector in South America to include a transcontinental jet in its portfolio, the Legacy 650.

Prime You leads the sector as the most substantial and diversified fractional asset ownership operation in South America. The result of a story that combined constant pioneering innovation, agile diversification, and extremely high standards of quality, attaining a market value of half a billion BRL.

Prime You. The first, like you.

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